#Winning, with a Single Piercing

April 28, 2016

Ear climbers, crawlers and cuffs may look foreign to you but fear not, Andrea Cheng from InStyle Magazine shares style tips to achieve that cool-girl look.

"Similar to arm parties, stacked rings, and layered necklaces, there's an art to mastering a beautifully cuffed (or in some cases, multi-cuffed) ear. The goal? To elegantly fake piercings that, as a whole, would read more downtown cool with a sophisticated uptown spin and less Girl with a Dragon Tattoo-scary.

Take Emma Watson for instance—she gave her red carpet look an edgy twist with a diamond-studded Ana Khouri ear cuff that crept from her lobe all the way up her helix. Rashida Jones went with strategically placed chained cuffs, while Nicole Richie (whose piercings are actually real) punctuated hers with studs that curved to the shape of her ear and a single cuff at the tippy top.

Emulate the look with an eclectic selection of climbers, crawlers, and cuffs to maximize what little surface area you have for experimentation. Mix and match styles, playfully layer one on top another, and stack ’em all with carefree abandon. As for your other ear, deliberately go for a mismatched look with a simple stud or a single climber.

To get you started, we pieced together five combos, none of which requires more than one piercing. Who needs to go under the needle?"

-Andrea Cheng from InStyle

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