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Master the Art of Stacking - Part 1: Stack it Like It's Hot

May 20, 2016

Master the Art of Stacking - Part 1: Stack it Like It's Hot

It's late Friday afternoon, you're mentally clocked out of work for the week, you're making this face ? and the only thing on your brain is happy hour with the girls. You don't really want to go ALL the way home and change your whole outfit…but you do want to glam up your look just a bit. The Pi Collection has a simple solution. 
Necklace stacking! – or layering.

You've probably thought wearing more than one necklace was a fun idea but never took a dip in the multipool. Don't worry! You're not alone. We are here to help with these simple tips! 

If your heart is leaning towards layering two Mini Quad styles — STOP IT! Mix it up. Opt for your go-to, Mini Quad Necklace with a Quad Necklace or Mini Vertices Lariat. You see what we’re doing there? Not yet? Keep reading.

Mix and Match similar shapes. Similar’s all relative, you say? We define similar with our angles and points. Here’s list of our mixed and matched faves:

Chain Gang. Dripping in gold seems like a bit much for some but for us, the more the merrier. The new kid on the block, our Ternion Y Necklace gives so much to the idea of mixing textures. It’s off the chain. Work it with any of our classic styles to achieve that cool-girl look.

Short Change. Length of chain is key here. I mean you could wear three 16” necklaces at the same time and end up with a balled up mess on your neck. Super, not hot. Let your necklaces shine individually and as group with varying lengths. Case in point:

Now that you have the know how to stack your neck, you can hit up that happy hour feeling poised and prepared. 

Get the stunning stacked look here!

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