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#throwbackthursday: A Brief History of Jewelry

May 26, 2016

#throwbackthursday: A Brief History of Jewelry

In honor of #throwbackthursday we take you all the way back to about 100 thousand years ago when jewelry first showed its pretty little face. Back in the day, humans started using jewelry about the same time as they started using clothes — talk about old school fashion! They used anything from bones, feathers, stones, animal skins, shells and semi precious metals such as obsidian. As technology advanced, so did fashion. The foundation for all modern jewelry can be traced back to three civilizations — Egypt, India and China. Egypt set the standards for crafting metals such as silver and gem collecting including but not limited to Lapis Lazuli, Agate and Amethyst. Jewelry was a large part of India's lifestyle and religion and taught us about gold gathering and processing. China became the leader in the art of jewelry and focused on things like nature, animals and dragons which is still popular today in their culture.


Now you know who the Mommy's and Daddy's of jewelry are! Even with all the advancements and ever changing style, jewelry has always had the same purpose — non-verbal expression.

Express yourself and be a part of history here.

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