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The Art of Stacking - Pt 2: Ear Stacking

June 07, 2016

The Art of Stacking - Pt 2: Ear Stacking

Ear Climbers, Ear Jackets and Studs oh my! Earrings are fun aren't they? Well how do you feel about piercings? Some have more holes in them than swiss cheese and some are just single ladies. There are so many ways you can stack your ears that it can get a little ridiculous if not done right. Designing new fun accessories for the ear is one of #TEAMpi's favorite things to do.

In a previous blog series, we talked about multiple piercings versus single piercings. This time we give you some Pi stacking tips to save your ears from disaster.

The Unexpected. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone of symmetry. Your studs and ear climbers don’t always need a friend. Wear one or mix it up.

State of the Art. Make a bold statement with the latest trend, ear jackets. The subtle shapes peeking behind your ear will be the perfect conversation piece.

In the Mix. Not all ears are created equal. Some have multiple piercings, some have one. If you braved it and took the punch more than once, pair our tiny Mini Ingot Studs with the Spur Ear Jacket + Mini Quad Studs. Two Mini Ingot Studs in one ear is another simple yet bold approach. If you stayed on the more classic side, an Ingot Ear Climber is a sure fire way to fake the multiple piercing.

Simple right? You are going to look like a bad-ass babe! Now that you are stacked with studs and information, take over the town and take advantage of FREE shipping in the USA here!

Ear Stacking

Model: Tiffany Breeden
Wardrobe + Styling: Bamboo Sky, Honolulu

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