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Open Season

April 04, 2014

All catchy inspirations and fashion faux pas are fair game during our favorite time of year.  As we blaze the trail for Fall 14, we're capturing the greatest of design ideas and shooting down the trite styles.  Blending the simplicity of Pi with captivating style, we were able to seize Pi's greatest collection yet.  

With this bad ass collection underway and ready for production, we had the greatest time shooting with beauties, Crystal and Katrina Perry.  The chemistry between these two amazingly close sisters ties together the mood of Fall 14 in the most seamless way possible.  
(Hair: April Aiko Hair (April Ichinose), Make-Up: Crystal Perry)

Our moodbooster, DJ Knowuh G, has been hard at work mixing tunes for the FALL 14 promo video and compiling sound waves for an ear candy project coming your way soon.  Stay tuned.

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