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Bloggity Blog Blog: Our Favorite Bloggers Pt. 1

July 31, 2015

Here’s a quick rundown of a few of our favorite fashion influencers. Check back for Part 2.



Steph Lam’s style is so lust worthy. Her tangible closet is the perfect comfort zone for any bae who is on the search for classy + trendy + comfortable + affordable. Mixes of Aritzia, Adidas, booties, and comfy sweaters bond together the perfect concoction for @currentlylusting. With the added simplicity and wallet friendly baubles from The Pi Collection, there’s no need for Match.com.




Our favorite Canadian blogger, Boyuba, has impeccable girlish style with a hint of sass. She embodies the characteristic of The Pi Collection with the simplicity of her flirty sundresses paired with our body chain.



If ever in need of a total “whoo-sah” moment, Lindsey of @lindspruitt has the most stress relieving insta-feed. Muted colors, floral accents, beachy vibes, and the daily essential, coffee, are what you’ll find at her peaceful retreat of style and well-being. We love that her go-to piece is our Mini Pent Necklace. It’s so zen.

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