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The Gold Standard

October 01, 2015

What’s all the hype with our vermeil and gold-filled jewelry? Our jewelry is made with incredible metals that test free of lead and nickel. Those two troublemakers are the leading cause of metal allergies. Total plus, right? ++++++spring-claspsthe pi collection shapesgold filled chain


So what exactly are these top-notch metals we speak of? Law defines true vermeil as no less than 2.5 microns of karat gold (no less than 10K purity) layered over sterling silver. The Pi Collection offers vermeil pieces with 14K yellow gold over sterling silver. Vermeil is 50 times heavier than standard gold plating. Gold-filled is made by heat and pressure bonding a thin layer of karat gold to a brass (or other base metal) core. Karat gold covers the brass surface, making it tarnish resistant.


We’re hoping you’re ready to take the leap into our collection of quality pieces. #themoreyouknow Shop now.

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