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Behind the Brand

August 30, 2016 1 Comment

Behind the Brand

It wasn’t on purpose. It was only supposed to be on the side. No one was really supposed to fall in love. It just happened to blossom into a love like no one expected. The Pi Collection was conceived in May of 2013.

Creative Director and Founder, Lauryn Chin fell into the jewelry industry a decade ago. She was a college student scrounging for some extra cash to partake in cocktails at swanky lounges with friends. Coming off of a paid internship at Neiman Marcus meant designer bags and shoes spilling out of her closet. Opting to spend $60 to $200 on costume jewelry seemed ridiculous but oh so necessary. Working two jobs and going to school was not enough to continue this extravagant lifestyle. She had to get creative. She threw together some earrings from wire and needle nose pliers to fill her need for new fresh fashion. Attention from Honolulu’s up and coming boutique, Bamboo Sky, she was able to get a running start with jewelry design. This filled her void in so many ways. While Lauryn finished school in Los Angeles at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she took a break from jewelry and focused on her “career” — her degree is in merchandise marketing and worked as a buyer. She moved back to Honolulu but that 9-5, working to pay someone else’s lavish lifestyle was just not her thing. There had to be a way around it.

Jewelry eventually morphed into the way to make money but just like the rest of the population, she wanted more. Her jewelry was doing well but it was on the pricier side and she wanted to have something she could offer as a quick sell. No fuss, no late nights, just easy peasy. Affordable jewelry with little to no labor for her. She was already juggling a buying job, jewelry making and freelance styling for a magazine. The cherry on top, raising a three year old by herself. It had to be a get rich quick kinda thing.

Pi - The Pi Collection

Tinkering with metal forging, inhaling toxic fumes from the oxy-acetylene torch and splattered with smudges of rouge across her face from polishing each jewelry piece by hand, it was the start to a better and brighter future?! What started on paper as a side job, this jewelry line instantly transitioned to a full fledged brand and needed a name and website, stat. Enter Pi, this little boy nicknamed by his “Ji Ji” — great-grandfather. Pi was the center of Lauryn’s life. Every dollar earned, every decision made, it was all for him. This had to be the name of this collection. The Pi Collection.


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Julie Titus
Julie Titus

September 11, 2016

I loved this personal story especially how it was all for Pi. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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