Mini Scalene Ear Jacket - The Pi Collection

Rose Gold. Ooh la la! Sounds so fancy and exotic. Wouldn’t it be cool to find a big chunk of a shiny pink stone somewhere, melt it down, then make a sweet necklace? Well it would if that was where rose gold came from. *sad face*

Gold is actually only one color, yellow. Rose gold and other colors like white gold and green gold are made by mixing other metals with 24 karat gold. Rose gold —also known as pink gold— is produced by increasing the copper colored alloys normally found in gold and reducing the silver colored ones. The Pi Collection uses 14k rose gold vermeil that won’t tarnish or rub off to keep you and your image shining bright.

Now you know what makes rose gold bloom! Pi’s entire collection is now available in rose gold. Get that pink shiny stuff here.